Kharkov Lawyer

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Kharkov lawyer (counsellor, chambercounsel, legal adviser) is your reliable partner in legal matters, approved guide to legal services both Kharkiv and Ukraine(not only in Kharkiv,but also in Ukraine).

You have discovered that your rights were violated-contact us; or you want to compensate the loss from illegal act- feel free to contact us.

Maybe you want to register a business in Ukraine, but don’t know how to do it, contact us.

If you are in need of invitation letter for you or for your friends, let us know!

Also we can help to draw up all kind of legal documents and keep all your affairs under our control. If you are interested, be free to contact us.

Types of services:

* legal advice
* representation in court
* an invitation to Ukraine
* aid to foreigners
* a residence permit in Ukraine
*business registration
* accounting services
* registration trademark
* all kinds of services.

You can contact us in any convenient for you way: Skype, email or phone 24\7.

+38 057 780 78 14
+38 093 845 19 68 
+38 099 543 01 33


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